TA materials

Spatial Economics (PhD)

I wrote two assignments for Esteban Rossi-Hansberg’s PhD field course at UChicago. Each one guided students through the process of developing, quantifying, and solving spatial models in order to answer interesting economic questions.

Theory of Income III (PhD)

I wrote one midterm exam for Fernando Alvarez’s PhD core course in macroeconomics at UChicago.

International Trade (U)

I wrote a number of problem set and exam questions for Felix Tintelnot’s undergraduate elective on international trade at UChicago. I also set up and moderated a Slack channel for the course to help facilitate student participation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Math Camp (PhD)

I contributed two supplementary lectures on macro methods during our PhD math camp at UChicago.



Reading Groups

The first two presentations were written for Greg Kaplan’s macro reading group at UChicago. Each was designed to take less than 30 minutes. The third presentation was written for a student-run reading group in trade and spatial economics. It was designed to take less than one hour.

Course: Firm Dynamics and Economic Growth

Each presentation in this PhD field course taught by Ufuk Akcigit at UChicago was designed to take less than 15 minutes.